Unique solution for business users

ScanMailX is a hosted email security solution that not only improves Your e-mail security but also optimize the performance of your mail server. Using ScanMailX clean email stream for all unwanted e-mails before they reach your mail server and the employees becoming more productive and the chances of infecting malware, phishing and virus minimized.

Flexibility and freedom

Our intuitive administration interface allows the system administrator complete freedom to customize the filter functionality so as to add users, create white- / blacklists, view transaction log and adjust the sensitivity of the filter. Via user portal, each user see their individual logs and keep track of which e-mails that may be in spam quarantine and possibly release them.

Try it Easy and Free

The best way to experience ScanMailX is obviously to try it. We offer therefore You trying it live in the business - 100% non-committal. The entire registration process takes no more than 5 minutes and requires no software installation on the Your mail server. It's all done online when it suits you!

That's how it works

ScanMailX ™ is a transparent network service that is designed to ensure your emails before they can damage your servers and workstations. ScanMailX it is called a stateless SMTP proxy. If we just forget IT jargon, it is a security system that analyzes e-mails and dispatches them as harmless and as you want to your mail server. Every email that comes in to your mail infrastructure is scanned for malicious content and security policies that you have defined will be added.


Works for everyone

ScanMailX works with all types of email platforms such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, First Class, Lotus Domino and Google Apps.

No complex integration

The solution is designed to simplify maintenance of an e-mail solution and therefore requires no integration and user creations - everything is fully automated for increased security and simplicity..



  • Traditionel spam som sendes i store mængder.
  • Alle typer af virus som oftest spredes gennem vedhæftede filer.
  • Malware og phishing angreb
  • Tabte e-mails da vi holder jeres emails hvis jeres mail server er nede


  • Spamfilter med black- og whitelister
  • Virusfilter med blokering
  • Krypteret overførsel med TLS/SSL
  • Automatiseret karantæne system med daglig rapporter
  • Overskuelig logning for let sporing af e-mails
  • Overvågning af jeres mail server med alarm funktioner
  • Ugentlig statistik oversigter for øget indsigt
  • Fungerer sammen med Office 365 og Google Apps
  • Konfigureres via ScanMailX Kontrol Panel


ScanSMTP™ er en utrolig effektiv måde at sikre at dine forretningskritiske e-mails altid havner i modtagerens mailboks og ikke bliver fanget i et spamfilter. Ved at lave udgående filtrering, digitalt signere alle udgående e-mail, håndhæve nogle simple DNS krav samt at have lavet aftaler med de store internationale internet udbydere kan ScanSMTP hæve sandsynligheden for succes væsentligt.

ScanSMTP er også meget velegnet til mindre eller mellemstore firmaer der ønsker at sikre deres mail server mod at havne i DNS blacklister samt reducere sandsynligheden for at deres medarbejderes PC'er bliver udnyttet i BOTNET angreb.