Enhance your mail or web hosting company by offering advanced spam and antivirus filtering beyond the services you already offer.



Unlike other spam and antivirus filtering companies on the market, we do not offer competing services.

Advantages of ScanMailX Partner Program:

  •  "Pay as you go" system so that you have no initial investments - simply pay when you have sold the service to your customers
  • Considerable margin for you when you resell the services
  • Automated ordering system either via secure webform or API ensures that you can always  sign up new accounts - 24/7/365

Our partner solutions are extremely flexible, and are usually delivered in three different variants depending on the partner's size and needs. 


Using the simplest of our partner models, the partner merely resells our solution without any major changes. The partner uses our administrative interface on www.scanmailx.com in which they can manage all their domains and purchase new ones. Using this model the end-customer sees our logo on our user portal and ScanMailX as the sender for quarantine overview or other status emails. This model can be used immediately and is most often used by those who have more engagement with their customers in addition to spam filtering. 


Our standard partner model allows the use of own brand, and thus customize email sender (eg. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Web and e-mail style sheet and thereby the look and feel of our user portal and all emails are sent from the system. The partner can of course also add their own logo. This solution requires some setup,  however, the system will typically be available within 24 hours. Hereafter, the partner can register domains and configure all the parameters through our administrative interface. 

This is the most common partner solution that allows our partners to exploit their own brand and associate themselves ever closer to their customers. 

Advanced Partner 

The advanced partner model is a model in which partners use our partner API as a tool to create domains, add addresses and other filter configurations. Partners usually make their own user interface on their web. This is obviously a bigger task for the Partner and also leads to support, so it is mostly used for larger partners. Using our API can obviously be used as a supplement to our standard solution partner. Our partner API is based on HTTPS (GET / POST) and is fully documented. 

Rates for Partners

We create pricing solutions to match your individual needs - whether it is a price per individual domain or for a fixed quantity, or whether it is payment per month or even days. Specific needs may be discussed to find solutions that are beneficial for both parties.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if this sounds interesting for your company!