E-Mail Security Solutions

E-mail is today an essential part of any business whether this is a large corporation or a smaller business. This dependency of email provides some challenges in respect to security and efficiency. ScanMailX offers a series of products to overcome these challenges.


  • Omkostningseffektiv metode som sikrer integritet i e-mail kommunikationen.
  • Kræver hverken brug af eller investering i kompliceret hardware.
  • Benytter Transport Layer Security (TLS) til at kryptere hele e-mail forbindelsen mellem afsender og modtagers e-mail server.
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  • Filtering of outbound mails with filters for subject, header or body
  • Automatic notfication of users in case of violation
  • Detection of creditcard information
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  • Real time scanning of links Avoid that your outbound mails end in spam filters
  • Pre-emptive sandboxing security checks on attachments before they are delivered
  • Advanced protection against targeted attacks and spear-phishing
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  • Avoid that your outbound mails end in spam filters
  • Reliable & lightning fast delivery of emails
  • Encryption of all mails by use of TLS/SSL
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  • Security againts loss of data in case of server break-down
  • Realtime backup of all e-mails without any latency
  • Both for inbound and outbound e-mail traffic
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  • Avoid traditional spam which is sent in bulk
  • Blocks attachments with Ransomware
  • Several Antivirus engines protects aginst virus and malware
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